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Aldorlea's new adventure is out, a totally new and exciting journey through the modern world like you've never seen before!!!

Are you a girl or a guy? If girl, read A, if guy, read B

A - You are not yet aware of two very important things in your life: one is that someone secretly loves you. The second is that you are going to be abducted in minutes. Oh well, it's a good thing that you have #1 now that #2 can't be avoided, isn't it?

B - The woman of your life has been basically abducted just before your eyes, and you don't even know why. Do you have what it takes to go after her, and are you sure you are not going to bite more than you can chew in the process?

Girlfriend Rescue is a thrilling new adventure by Aldorlea Games, with an enthralling story where "Taken" meets "24".
Innovative in many aspects, mixing rogue-style RPG and Beat 'em up in a unique way, this game is a clear departure from the usual Fantasy formula.

You have very little time to find where your girlfriend has been taken, and to defeat whoever did it.
It seems a tough and big task. But true love doesn't calculate - it's the highest form of emotion, and this is why you just go after her... death or success, what will it be? Maybe YOU can decide on the outcome! 

Choose 3 characters (among a cast of 9, not counting 4 bonus ones) to partner up with, clear your town from all the bandits, and find out what really happened to the girl you love.


    Enthralling Adventure Set in a Modern World Stunning Artworks from the Team Behind Moonchild, The Book of Legends and Undefeated Rename all your characters to yourself, your friends, your family - whoever you want, really 14 Bonus Items to Obtain Upon Completing Each World Innovative and Strategic Battles Original and Inventive Spells Unique to Each Character Incredible Set of Items, Weapons and Equipment Tons of Status Ailments to Enhance the Strategic Aspect 6 Modes of Difficulty (including Rogue, Maniac & Legendary, but also Easy) Visible Encounters, Auto-Save & Optional Mouse Control Great Replay Value with Tons of Possible Parties Cast of 9 Characters to Choose from, Not Including 4 Unlockable "Secret" Ones 79-page Strategy Guide Available if You Need it


Enjoy! :D


Aldorlea Games
Welcome to the offical DeviantArt page of Aldorlea Games, here you can see all our game arts, fanarts and in-game screenshots.

Remember the 16-bit role-playing games such as
Final Fantasy 3, Dragon Quest or Phantasy Star IV?

Aldorlea Games has set one very goal since its debut in 2008: to bring you an
unforgettable and rich gaming experience in the vein of those classics.

Our company was founded by Indinera Falls, a veteran developer who has been
making popular RPGs since 2001.

Our first release, Laxius Force, met both critical and popular success,
and ever since demand for our games has become increasingly stronger.

There aren't many old-school RPG available for the PC. Here you will find
the best games to satisfy your gaming needs. Huge worlds to explore, exciting
stories to discover, fantastic characters to play with.

We look to bring you magical adventures with great stories and intense gameplay
to keep you entertained.

Here at Aldorlea we pride ourselves in being able to bring you the best games in the genre. We are recognised for high quality stories, adventure, game play, value and visuals which let us offer you amazing tales and quests you will want to relive again and again.

If you would like to share your thoughts on the games, if you need a little hint or would just like to be part of our community we would love to meet you! With discussion, creativity, the latest news and developments it is a place for all.

Aldorlea Games Forum (Click)

So far Aldorlea has released 17 games:

Laxius Force - Heroes Never Die (2008)
3 Stars of Destiny (2009)
Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana (2009)
Millennium - A New Hope (2009)
Asguaard (2009)
Millennium 2 - Take Me Higher (2009)
Dreamscape (2010)
Laxius Force III - The Last Stand (2010)
Millennium 3 - Cry Wolf (2010)
Sylia (2011, Co-Produced by Aldorlea Games)
Millennium 4 - Beyond Sunset (2011)
The Book of Legends (2012, Co-Produced by Ensorcelled Games)
Moonchild (2012)
Opaline - 2 Fates 1 Love (2012, Co-Produced by Aldorlea Games)
Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium (2013)
Onyx (2013, Co-Produced by Aldorlea Games)
Undefeated (2014, Co-Produced by Aldorlea Games)
Girlfriend Rescue (2014)

Upcoming Games:

-To be updated-

Our Characters Artists:

Our Monsters Artists:

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CRUCIFY-ORPHEA Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Remember the 16-bit role-playing games such as
Final Fantasy 3, Dragon Quest or Phantasy Star IV?

Ohhhh no you didn't.
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TCRanch Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2013
hey! I love your games and was wondering what the next release was gonna be? plus any clue when aveyond 5 will arrive?
AldorleaGames Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
We are not the creatores of Aveyond; we're the creatores of Laxius Force, Millennium, The Book of Legends and many others... our next release will be kept as a secret for now. ;)
TCRanch Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013

aww... come oooooon!! pleeeeeease? just a hint?

p.s. I know yall (yes im from texas) don't make aveyond but thought you might have an idea

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Alyssanimae Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i'm currently playing TBOL and i've been hooked since the very beginning of the story! :iconlaplz:
I'm thinking of doing a fanart to show everyone the awesomeness of the game... maybe after I finish it? :D
Hynageneral Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2014
SOPA causing Issue quickly sign the petition…
AldorleaGames Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2013
That would be great :), if you want we can post it here and mention you. Which part of the game you are?
Alyssanimae Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
cool! :D i've just finished the Wittaland quest and now i'm off to find the trickster demon :eager:
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